The Internet is a fast and practical method to  have the entire world at your disposal. Furthermore, different European betting companies offer better odds, which combines to give you  more money when you win.

Odds are higher online because  less staff are needed and betting is automated. There are also betting exchanges, which do not exist offline when you bet on sport using the Internet.

When betting on 1X2, it is often the case that different bookmakers have higher odds on each result. These odds are sometimes so high that sure bets, "betting arbs", occur.

If you play  following a mathematical formula on all results in a betting arbitrage (sure bet), you can't lose. If you  bet on the right team, you win, otherwise you win back your bet  amount.

Sports Betting Systems, Betting Web and Betting Tips

This site can be used as a beginners guide to betting or as betting for beginners tips, but only if the betting strategy is a winning one.

No one can predict sports! Pro punters do not bet on an outcome, they bet on high odds. So does my system for sports betting online, the only difference is that with my free betting software you will never lose.

How does sports betting work or how do betting odds work - I can't tell you everything about this, only that you must use decimal odds for this sports betting system. Doing sports betting online or online football betting, using my free sports betting software, will make you a winner. You cannot lose a bet; the worst that can happen is that you win your stake back.