People who gamble through a bookmaker do demand a showing of honesty and morality. As a gambler, you don't get the chance to change your mind. A placed bet is a placed bet. The least you can demand of a bookmaker is that they honor their odds. If you play with sure bets, this is a necessity. If one bookmaker out of 3  cancels the bet you have placed, at odds of two more, you risk losing the whole investment. I have experienced many, many bad bookmakersp

Bet365 once refused to pay out EUR 8000 to me. I got paid at last but it happened again and they kept the money, referring to their TOS. Nver bet with bet365 and if you have money on account, slowly bet until it is empty.

All sites in the Betsson Group. They cancel bets when you win and can confiscate your money. Betsson, Betsafe, Betway, Nordicbet and the reast of the group. Stay away from them.

Unibet and Redbet. When tha market started in 2004 the Swedish bookmakers where all the safest. Now many of them are really bad. did not pay out my win. I learned that this was quite usual. I wrote a letter to the Belize Gaming Board, contacted MasterCard who I used to pay with, pressured Internet1X2 every day, contacted Visa and told them that they helped criminals by allowing them to use their payment system. Internet1X2 first stopped answering my emails but finally, when I contacted Bill Dozer and asked a search engine to blacklist them, the money arrived and they apologized. I would never dare to use them again. This company simply refused to pay. After publishing them on several forums, contacting police in Austria and a lot of similar actions that I learned at Gert Gambells site, I got paid. This is because trouble and bad publicity are the only things that those criminals do not like. It took months. returned a bet a day later. When I struck, the odds were good, but later all bookmakers sank their odds drastically. They canceled the bet and referred to the fine print. So I used another bookmaker. returned my money, when I requested my deposit back (many bookmakers refuse and have in the fine print that one must bet it 3-4 times first), so at least they were partly honest. You should never play at bookmakers who subsequently cancel bets. Odds change all the time and a good bookmaker always honours placed bets.

Vieerkle accepted a valid bet - which I won - and then canceled everything except 100 Euros. Because I often won, they then reduced my maximum bet to 100 Euros. Bookmakers such as Vieerkle are very common.

Such bookmakers should display a notice "Only losers are welcome". It is these heartless, mean bookmakers, who are the reason for the success of Betting Exchanges. If you gamble at Betting Exchanges, you must re-calculate the odds to take account of their commission. Well-known Betting exchanges are ComeOn, Betdaq and BetFair .

With some luck, you have arrived at this page before starting to bet. You might have searched for a beginners guide to betting, betting calculator, betting for beginners, betting odds explained, understanding betting odds or football betting tutorial. Maybe you do not yet know how does sports betting work or you are looking for sports betting systems or a sport betting strategy.

I hope you will now start sports betting online and learn from my experience and the mistakes that I have made - only choose good bookmakers.

If you have arrived here because you have been defrauded by a bad bookmaker, I am sorry. However, I think you will get some hints here on how to get your money back and how to never lose a bet in the future.