Bet on all kinds of sports with much better odds

In the UK, competition is cut-throat and betting companies retain up to10% of any winnings. For this 10%, they offer lots of information and exciting gambling. I bet a lot on football. The first company on the list below has a Swedish Managing Director and is the leading company of its kind in Europe. Click here to open their home page in your own browser window. There is an enormous amount of facts and statistics you can reach with just one click. Everything has always functioned well, and I whole-heartedly recommend this company . I have won quite a bit there, without experiencing sour grapes. You can access the site by clicking here.

No one will tell you, but as a winner you must know the following:

All bookmakers limit sports betting winners. Many bookmakers harass winners, they limit stakes to pocket money levels and they cancel winning bets, referring to their own fine print - of course, they have the right to do what they want. They also take forever to pay out any winnings. There are also bookmakers that are, in reality, fraudsters because  they never pay out winnings. There are "pay-in  only" circus bookmakers. There is a great description of this at To force winners to stop betting, these bookmakers only  welcome losers.

To succeed, you will need good bookmakers who allow you to win without harassment and who are within Europe, so that any winnings are tax-free. You will also need bookmakers who offer great odds,  otherwise this sport betting system will not work. You want to stake as much as possible because your profit is in % to next day.

You need bookies that will not take 3 weeks to make a payout and before you start sports betting online, I recommend that you read this. You will also want to know how much you are allowed to stake, as there are always limits.

All my knowledge comes from years of experience and winnings. I write from my own experience. Start and stick with the good bookmakers and you will avoid losing money to fraudsters. Note: always take the starting bonuses if the bookmaker offers them. Always use these to the maximum. It is free money! There are many betting companies to choose from.

Below are some examples of the very best bookmakers:

Ladbrokes. The world's biggest bookmaker and the one that takes the highest stakes, even if you win.
Swedish bookmaker that often takes large stakes. A real entertainment factory who have much more on offer than just sports betting. Easy to use site.
One of the best, takes large stakes. Downside is that odds change very fast (bet here first) and never bet on tennis if the match has started - if you win, they cancel your bet. I am not sure if they have a European license.
Betfred. A Scandinavian bookmaker. Takes large stakes and it takes time for them to limit your stakes.
Big Australian bookmaker (choose their European site so winnings are tax free). The last of the big ones that takes big stakes.

Well, there you have the very best bookmakers if you are a winner. That is all, there are only 5 really good ones! The next category of bookmakers were good until I won too much - there is even a system to loose back to bookmakers because of this problem.

However, when you win you are no longer popular... And you will win if you use my sports betting system. I will not boast here about my winnings, those are private, but I hope you trust me. I have bet with more than 150 bookmakers and it has taken me 4 years and  a lot of money to get this knowledge. Only the best bookmakers are left here.

Below are good bookmakers - and, before you have won too much, they are even very, very good bookmakers

Sportingbet. You are allowed to stake EURO 2000 or more, as long as you lose. If you win, this changes to just a few EUROS. Take all the bonuses, stake high and hope that you lose (and win at the other side with my sports betting system). This is a super bookmaker, as long as you lose.
I have won a lot and been allowed big or reasonable stakes. Just one problem, when taking out  winnings over EURO 2500 (from EURO 2500 the money laundering regulations complicate things), it is easier to withdraw in smaller amounts. They harassed me and were rude. When I wrote about it on a blog, I soon received an apology and EURO 30 as a gift.
Unibet. Again, a Swedish bookmaker (usually a sign of honesty) that often takes reasonable stakes.

Below are good bookmakers, but they take lower stakes and quickly limit your stakes

5dimes. Their interface is a bit clogged  and odds change fast. Otherwise, it's a good one.
and are the same, but show up with 2 different interfaces, so you can bet with both and are able to stake more.
. A really good one. Another really good one.
Bwin is a large bookmaker that you used to see as a large football sponsor on TV. This bookmaker offers great odds and you are allowed reasonable stakes at the start. If you win a lot, you are limited, but not more than you can stay and bet.
A clogged interface and odds change fast, otherwise Nick the Greek is a very good bookmaker.
Bet-At-home. A good bookmaker in Austria. In Austria, a bookmaker can operate without a license, so bandits like "bets4all" reside there and pretend to be bookmakers but never pay a winner.
Guts odds
and  Partybets are the same bookmaker, but show up as 2 different sites. You can bet with both to get the stakes up.
Guts odds.
European bookmaker in Gibraltar.
The same site and identical odds, but made some years later. Bet on both so that you can stake more.
Totebet. An English bookmaker.
WilliamHill. An English Bookmaker.

Below are bookmakers that will limit your stakes very quickly if you win.

However, these bookmakers still have high odds and are honest. They will limit your stakes, but you will get your winnings. Take all of the bonuses and then cross your fingers that you will lose with them (and win at the other side with my sports betting strategy). Choose these bookmakers when you expand or just to get the deposit bonuses. At the start, you will not need so many bookies; you must have enough money and move your money around, depending on where you winnings are. If they limit you down to pocket money, just leave them - I have left them all. Here is a list from the best to the worst.

Interwetten. A great bookmaker in Austria (otherwise a country to watch out for).
A great, honest Swedish bookmaker. They just limit too much and too quickly.
Betbet. A Scandinavian bookmaker who quickly limit stakes down to fractions of a EURO! Otherwise, just great.
Bet365. Very fast limiter.
Fast limiter.
Small stakes, fast limiter.
Missing bookmakers here? I think  only about 10 bookies in Europe that I have not tested; the rest simply do not qualify. Either they take forever to pay out, never or  seldom have  high odds - betting arbs (arbitrage betting = sure bets) - that are needed for the free sports betting software, or they harass winners, cancel winning bets or  are real crooks. If you want to stay safe, stay with my listed bookies. This is the only way to go, if you are a winner. This is also the reason why Betting Exchanges are taking market share; bookmakers are simply too hard  on winners.

Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges are a completely different game. They are sites where punters bet against each other and pay a commission (only on winnings) to the Exchange. You can let someone else bet by providing odds - lay odds. This is the bookmaker side of odds, normally impossible for a punter. Gert Gambell has written a great article about lay odds: Betting Exchanges love winners as they provide turnover. The downside is that they take commission. Betfair charges a commission of up to 5%, so  odds of 2 on Betfair is in reality 1.95. Here are some Betting Exchanges, starting with the best:


Best of luck Playing in the EU and UK to get better odds