How do you pay when betting online?

You pay through the accounts you opened with the various gambling companies.

To bet, you must have already transferred money into your account (for example from Moneybookers, your credit card or bank account). Moneybookers is by far the bestĀ  because it is the fastest and works 7 days a week around the clock. Always do your first deposit with Moneybookers , otherwise the bookmaker may refuse to let you use Moneybookers for withdrawals and you need to move around your winnings so that you can bet again at all your bookies. Moneybookers is the world's fastest payment system for sports betting online. More info on this on

Credit card or bank transfer is second best. You simply click on "Deposit". Credit card is easy, you just enter your card details and the amount. A few bookmakers take between 1-3% of the transfer. If you find you have more money in your account than you sent, this is because several of the companies give a bonus for the first transfer you make, this can vary in percentage.

How do I take out my winnings?

You can withdraw your winnings by clicking on "payout" or "withdraw". You can transfer the money to Moneybookers, your bank account or get a cheque sent to your home address. If you choose a cheque, it can take up to two or three weeks and your bank may charge a fee. If you wish to transfer winnings to your bank account, simply fill in your bank details, (obtainable from the Home Page of your bank) as well as your account number. This usually takes 2-4 days.

You will need fast pay outs to be able to quickly get the money back to work. The fastest system in the world is Moneybookers. It is so essential that you should get it even before opening an account with a bookmaker.

Is Online betting legal?

Within the EU, all sports betting and online betting is legal. Also, if you use my free sports betting software you will never lose a sports bet.

Is Online sports betting tax-free?

Within the EU, all winnings are tax-free. EU law is superior to domestic law.

Paypal betting?

Paypal is a payment system, a web wallet and is excellent for companies selling on the web. However, it is not good for sports betting online and is not accepted by bookmakers. Moneybookers is best.

Online Betting Payments and winnings: Transfer costs?

There is usually no fee to transfer money from companies I recommend under bookmakers.

Transfer to Moneybookers is best. It is free and lightning fast (at Redbet you are paid in seconds). If you don't want to use Moneybookers, you should choose bank transfer or payment to your credit card. Some gaming companies only send cheques and do not use bank transfer.

Online Betting Payment Hints and Tips

ForĀ  bookmakers who charge for payments in, you should leave winnings in your account. If you play on sure bets and never lose, you can gamble this money with these high odds bookies.
You chose when you must bet anyway.