Do you need the names of good bookmaker companies? Click on any bookmaker sites listed below and you will be able to access their home pages. If there are any offers, you will find them there - it's much better this way rather than wasting time surfing for bookmakers.

Some of the companies are betting exchanges. In sites with exchanges, the players play against each other and the winner pays 3-5% of winnings to the company. This commission is on the winnings only (not the stake). Want to calculate the odds? You can calculate accurate odds at the betting calculator.

The nature of the companies you use is revealed when they are due to pay out winnings. The ones that are best are shown below. If you want to have more detailed betting tips from my experience on each bookmaker, look at Play in the EU and UK to get better odds.

Here are the 5 best bookmakers. I bet with them all. This is from my personal experience, and all judgments are my own.




Then you will need 1-3 Betting Exchanges. Here are the best ones, with the best being first.


Then come the next set of bookmakers who are all great but they will limit your stakes faster if you win.


Try them to see if they are enough for your sports betting online. It is better to earn money with these companies than have a lot of bookies and no money to stake. If you need more bookmakers, here is the next set, with the best being first:
Guts odds

With this set of bookmakers, you are set to have most of your money working for you, even if you have up to EURO 20,000 in saved winnings. Because the amount of each stake is limited, you must have enough separate bookmakers to be able to use these large amounts of money. Only place bets a day or two ahead, so that you can quickly use your money again and grow your money fast on the betting web.

If you plan to make more profit than EURO 100-150 a day, in your free time or as full-time work, you will also need the following bookies:



At the beginning you will be dependent on fast cash flow (or you will need to have EURO 50000 available). Moneybookers is a must! It is the fastest way to get at your winnings.

Moneybookers will be the center of your work. You also have to upgrade your account (it is free) to higher pay limits in 90 days.

To learn more in details and get betting tips about the bookmakers (like the fact that and are actually the same company but that you can be a customer of both to get higher stakes) go to Play in the EU and UK to get better odds.

Bad bookmakers. My betting tip: stay with the bookmakers I have recommended. You can encounter all type of problems, from them not paying out your winnings to sporadic canceling of your bets if you win (fine print explanations).  I had to report bets4all to the police to get my winnings. So follow my recommendations and add bookmakers, starting with No. 1, as I recommend. Just click on the links when you register. Then you get good bookmakers and start with the right ones. This ensures that you get a lot of high odds when you're just beginning.

It is not enough that the bookmakers are good: you have to choose bookmakers with frequently high betting arbs too. I have listed the right bookmakers, and in the right order, so that you get the very best start and can expand in the right order. There are hundreds of bookmakers: those listed here are enough for making a living, as full-time work.

Best of all, you can earn a lot from sports betting online part-time on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays - these are the times when there are the most odds and the most players. When you have completed the learning curve, and saved enough winnings so that you have enough money, you can make over 300 Euros every weekend without any hard work.

Good luck with your betting.