Yes, you can win sports betting online every time, but not by gambling. Instead you can invest on sure bets (betting arbitrage). How to do this is explained on is a site on betting and gambling where you won't win every time, but you can play without losing.
Let me repeat this: you can play and never lose. Either you win big or you win back the value of the bet.

The Sports betting System - How to win and never lose a sports bet

This sports betting strategy is entirely based on using several bookmakers with the highest odds on the different results (betting arbs). In a football match, you must therefore bet on all possible results, 1X2, with different sums.

The odds must also be set so that betting arbs arise = a sure bet result, like on tennis where one bookmaker has odds of 2.05 on player A and another bookmaker has odds of 2.10 on player B. This occurs several hundred times a day. There are many bookmakers and thousands of matches and you competes with the odds.

The problem is finding the sure bets. You need to surf between the bookmakers and then enter them in a formula and check that it is betting arbs = sure bets. You can also use an odds betting service, where you enter the odds and select one to bets on and how much to bet. The answer is shown immediately - the size of bet and how much is won. If there is no result, you get our investment back. It is much more satisfying to gamble when your betting capital grows all the time.

Free Sports Betting Software

When you have found a betting arb, use this betting calculator to win on 1X matches.
When you have found a betting arb, use this betting calculator to win on 1X2 matches.

The problem is finding the bet arbs - this is the most time consuming part. There are different companies who supply sure bets against payment.

On (bookmark it) you can see sure bets by clicking on sure bets - take your money. But here they show only a few sure bets and the information is often delayed.

Here are some examples of bets that I have personally made:-

Academy Awards - Best Director
Oscarsgala - Peter Jackson - Will he win a best director award?
Yes - 1.33 - TotebetXpress
No - 5.13 - PinnacleSports Sure bets 5.32%
Academy Awards - Best Foreign Film
Oscarsgala - The Barbarian Invasions - Will it win?
Yes - 1.44 - Olybet
No - 3.60 - PinnacleSports Sure bets 2.78%
Academy Awards - Best Actor
Oscarsgala - Sean Penn - Will he win a best actor award?
Yes - 1.80 - TotebetXpress
No - 2.39 - PinnacleSports Sure bets 2.60%
Football - African Nation Cup
Mali v Guinea
1 - 2.20 - Kwette
X - 3.25 - Ukbetting
2 - 4.60 - Betfair Sure bets 2.04%
Football - England - Division
Rotherham United v FC Reading
1 - 2.86 - Betfair
X - 3.45 - BETDAQ
2 - 3.95 - BookMaker Sure bets 10.73%

Football - England - Division 1
Rotherham United v FC Reading
1 - 2.63 - TotebetXpress
X - 3.25 - PremierBet
2 - 3.95 - BookMaker Sure bets 5.89%

NOTE: betting arbs (sure bets), as a % is independent of the result. We gamble and put everything on one result (maybe the highest odds) and money back on the others. This gives much more back (or just the investment) than that % mentioned here.

I have searched a bit more than usual today so that I have something to show here. Hundreds of sure bets occur every day. When you see a bet, it is important to bet quickly because the odds can quickly change. On there are a lot of hints and tips and a special online sports betting browser.

I recommend Firefox with tabbed browsing and these additions: Roboform, Colorful tabs, IE-tab and Tab mix plus. When I start Firefox, an odds betting service, 4 Betting Exchanges and 40 bookmakers pop up in tabs in different colors in the order that I have sorted them. I safely log in in seconds with Roboform and can find any bookmaker in seconds.

In order to gamble in this way, you must be registered with a lot of good bookmakers. Go ahead and register yourself directly (use the good bookmakerlist) now, but do not put in any money now. You can pay money in later using Moneybookers when you want to play.  From there, you can pay in in just one minute and withdrawals are also very fast-  such transactions can take days or weeks with other options.

It is impossible to know where all the money is if you are playing through 25-30 bookmakers. Use the free betting software betting calculator side, fill in all the facts and print it out afterwards and put it in a file. Follow up one day a week. You now have it all on file. Do a calculation in Excel with the bookie's name, the amount of money put in, the amount in play, which game and the date and amount of collected winnings. Otherwise, you will forget where the money is. You must use many bookies in order to select the highest odds for each result, if you want to make large profits.

This is burdensome initially and is a boring learning curve. However, it soon starts to be fun. The money grows slowly but  eventually you will be able to bet heavily on a match, watch it on television and then pop the champagne when you win - you cannot lose.